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Stones and fabrication

What makes your jewellery by SABHA so unique.

- What is the origin of the gemstones?

SABHA selects the gemstones themselves in Jaipur from the gemstone cutters they trust. Gemstones usually come from within the earth and are found in many different places around the world. Tradition has it that the raw gemstones come to Jaipur from all over the world to be cut and then processed back across the planet as sparkling jewels.

- Why does my gemstone look different from the pictures online?

The product image shown on our website corresponds as closely as possible to the product shipped. Gemstones are natural products which show variations, your gemstone is unique. Therefore, details such as the colour of the gemstone may vary slightly. This contributes significantly to the fact that your piece of jewellery is unique and special.

- Who are the people behind my jewellery?

SABHA's collections bear witness to the high quality and naturalness of the stones, which are selected by trusted local dealers. SABHA is particularly concerned to stand up for humane working conditions and for resource-saving and transparent processes in the production of its jewellery. This claim is constantly monitored, especially through the personal relationship with the production sites in Jaipur.

- Can I have an individual piece of jewellery made by SABHA?

Yes, we at SABHA are happy to receive your enquiry. If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that corresponds exactly to your wishes and literally "fits like a glove", SABHA is the right place for you! Make an appointment and come to the SchmuckStück for a no-obligation consultation. SABHA will take your personality and wishes into account and turn your dream into reality.

- Can I have my jewellery engraved?

Generally, we offer the possibility to have your piece of jewellery engraved. Please note that not every piece of jewellery can be engraved. The necessary space must be available for engraving. After consultation with SABHA's team regarding your engraving, we will pass your piece of jewellery on to the engraver.

- Ring too small or too big, what can be done?

If you make a mistake, you can exchange the ring for another size. See under exchange. Almost all of our rings can be customised to one size, please let us know which ring it is so that we can give you more information.

- How can I determine the ring size?

Take a ring that fits you. Place the ring on a ruler and measure the largest inner diameter. Round up to the nearest whole millimetre. The diameter is the measurement that indicates the inside width of the ring. If your ring is not circular, measure the shortest inside distance.
16 mm/ GR 50; 16.5 mm/ GR 52; 17.2 mm/ GR 54; 17.8 mm/ GR 56; 18.5 mm/ size 58

Sustainable care

How to enjoy your jewellery for a long time.

- How do I store my jewellery?

If you don't wear your jewellery regularly, keep it in a safe and secure place. A jewellery box in your bedroom is a good place. Note, however, that even this storage will not protect the silver from natural oxidation.

- How do I care for my jewellery?

Brushed jewellery is best cleaned with a very mild liquid soap. A chemical silver bath can also be used. Engraved jewellery should be cleaned with a jewellery polishing cloth. Soap may be used, but not a chemical bath. Electroplated surfaces, if brushed, may only be gently washed with soap, if polished, use a jewellery polishing cloth to gently care for the surface. The chemical bath can also be used for this purpose. Always with caution, as the gold plating is a thin layer. Caution Gemstones often do not like chemicals, find out about your gemstone.

- My jewellery is tarnished, what can I do?

It is normal for sterling silver to tarnish over time. This tarnishing is accelerated by contact with, for example, perfume, salty air, sulphur, skin creams, hairspray and chlorine, as well as by the acidic pH values of the skin. The degree to which the jewellery tarnishes (oxidises) depends on the skin type and the care habits of the wearer. Tarnishing is therefore not a manufacturing defect.
Depending on the surface condition, your jewellery needs different care.
Please refer to the question: How do I care for my jewellery?

- Can my jewellery be repaired?

Please bring your piece of jewellery to the shop at Siebensterngasse 41, where a damage assessment will be made. If the jewellery is repairable, it will be repaired. Costs will be incurred depending on the amount of work.

- Do my jewellery pieces have a guarantee?

SABHA will replace items affected by manufacturing defects free of charge for up to 1 year after the original date of purchase. The original proof of purchase is valid as proof of guarantee. Therefore, you should keep the invoice or give it to the person receiving the gift. Please contact a contact person in the shop directly with your request or send us an e-mail to determine whether the case is covered by the guarantee. Pictures of the damaged item can be helpful for an initial assessment, but the item must be inspected on site by SABHA's team.

Your order

Your piece of jewellery on its way to you.

- How much are the shipping costs?

The shipping fee in Austria is € 6. EU-wide shipping is € 15.90. All parcels are shipped insured.

- Which logistics partners does SABHA work with for deliveries?

Delivery will be made by Austrian post.

- Where can SABHA deliver my jewellery?

We deliver to Austria and EU-wide.

- How can I pay for my jewellery?

You can pay by direct bank transfer, credit card (Stripe), SOFORT (Klarna) or Google Pay.

- What is Click & Collect?

If you order via Click & Collect, you can collect your jewellery directly from the shop during opening hours at Siebensterngasse 41.

- How will I be informed about the shipment of my order?

After placing your order, you will be informed by e-mail.

- Where can I redeem a voucher by SABHA?

You can redeem your voucher online or directly in the shop at Siebensterngasse 41.

- How can I exchange or return a piece of jewellery?

You have 14 days to exchange your piece of jewellery for another product or a gift voucher. Your piece of jewellery must be in perfect condition and unworn, otherwise an exchange is not possible.


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